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[PLUG] Just trying to ping my DSL modem

Hi all. Back on 7/21 Luke, David and Christopher were good enough to respond to me re my problems with getting my Verizon DSL connection (my ISP is up. Unfortunately, just when they responded to me I had a series of exams at Drexel, and was not able to implement their suggestions then. I have just gotten back to the problem now.

To make a long story short, I have had DSL for a month now, without getting/receiving one byte. But that may not be an extraordinary experience :-)

I have a "static" IP address from DCANET, which means that they promise to keep assigning me the same one via DHCP. (Some confusion surrounds this point. This definition of static IP address is NOT the one the modem's manufacturer has in mind). I believe that DHCP is failing on my RH9 box because I cannot establish connectivity with the ADSL modem, period. So this is not a request to help me get my connection up; at this point, a success condition would be pinging the modem, which I cannot do at this point. OR, another way to say this is that I may need to build a case that the modem is defective, but I would like to establish that scientifically.

Before anything happens, I need to be able to connect to the modem.

The modem is a Zoom 5515 ADSL Bridge. Now according to its docs (which assume Windows user and PPPoe, neither of which is true in my case), if my DSL connection was of the PPPoe variety I should, in ifcfg-eth0, set the IPADDR to Additionally, the modem is supposed to have configuration software at

Please correct me if I am mistaken, I am more of a DBA type than a network person. My idea is: I have a home network. I should be able to pull the ethernet cable running from the RH9 box to the hub OUT of the hub, plug the cable into the modem, and ping the modem at either or, and I should get a response even if the modem isn't connected to the phone line. Am I correct?

My ifcfg-eth0 file is


It occured to me that I might need a route to modem; but doing a route add -net just gets me the "Unknown host" error message.

The big question is, did dcanet ship me a defective modem?

Thanks a lot, everyone!

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