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Re: [PLUG] Just trying to ping my DSL modem

On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 09:59:50PM -0400, Douglas Lentz said:
> Hi all. Back on 7/21 Luke, David and Christopher were good enough to 
> respond to me re my problems with getting my Verizon DSL connection (my 
> ISP is up. Unfortunately, just when they responded to me I had 
> a series of exams at Drexel, and was not able to implement their 
> suggestions then. I have just gotten back to the problem now.
> To make a long story short, I have had DSL for a month now, without 
> getting/receiving one byte. But that may not be an extraordinary 
> experience :-)
> I have a "static" IP address from DCANET, which means that they promise 
> to keep assigning me the same one via DHCP. (Some confusion surrounds 
> this point. This definition of static IP address is NOT the one the 
> modem's manufacturer has in mind). I believe that DHCP is failing on my 
> RH9 box because I cannot establish connectivity with the ADSL modem, 
> period. So this is not a request to help me get my connection up;  at 
> this point, a success condition would be pinging the modem, which I 
> cannot do at this point. OR, another way to say this is that I may need 
> to build a case that the modem is defective, but I would like to 
> establish that scientifically.
> Before anything happens, I need to be able to connect to the modem.
> The modem is a  Zoom 5515 ADSL Bridge. Now according to its docs (which 
> assume Windows user and PPPoe, neither of which is true in my case), if 
> my DSL connection was of the PPPoe variety I should, in ifcfg-eth0, set 
> the IPADDR to Additionally, the modem is supposed to have 
> configuration software at

This indicates that the broadband 'modem' is a transparent bridge, and if
you are set up for DHCP, it will not intercept the DHCP requests, or make 
them for you.

> Please correct me if I am mistaken, I am more of a DBA type than a 
> network person. My idea is: I have a home network. I should be able to 
> pull the ethernet cable running from the RH9 box to the hub OUT of the 
> hub, plug the cable into the modem, and ping the modem at either 
> or, and I should get a response even if the modem 
> isn't connected to the phone line. Am I correct?

Use the hub, unless you are using a crossover cable.

> My ifcfg-eth0 file is
> DEVICE=eth0
> ONBOOT=yes
> TYPE=Ethernet

This looks like you have your IP set to a static, but private, network
address.  Since you need DHCP, this won't work.  If you want to ping the
modem, try

I think - I am less familiar wiht RH networking arrangements than with
Debian.  I think you'll basically want to set the above to use dhcp
client, and see if that works for you, though.
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