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RE: [PLUG] woody:

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   >how do I get the debian installer to tell me what hardware it's detected, what modules it has installed, 
   >and what parameters it wants to assign?
   >I have some cheap POS chinese motherboard with a SiS900 nic onboard. I can't manually add the SiS900
   >module.  I know what IRQ it's on, so I could probably figure out the base address via trial and error
   >so I could add it with a kernal option or something I guess. I could change the IRQ if I knew what
   >woody wants to default to.  but I'm still not sure what debian thinks is going on.
   >any suggestions? 

You could open a terminal session, then 'dmesg | more' at the command prompt. Dmesg will tell you what hardware linux 'saw' upon bootup. 

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