Luke Renn on 24 Aug 2005 14:40:08 -0000

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* Doug Crompton <> [2005-08-24 10:27:29 -0400]:

> Another question, if anyone can answer it... With FIOS will we lose our
> ability to use our phones during a power failure? I am assuming FIOS will
> supply no DC power to the home. How then is the interface to the internal
> phone system supplied? I would hope it is at least battery backed up in
> the Verizon supplied interface. As much as I like technolgy the current
> 100+ year old system is damn reliable!

When they install FIOS they install a UPS.  I think the guy said it
was 6 hours, though I'm not positive.  But yeah, you need power to use
FIOS, and your phone is on it so....

As for FIOS, so far it's pretty damn impressive.  I love when i see
downloads > 2500k a second.  Verizon on the other hand is pretty
lame.  Their mail servers don't support SSL, which is kind of
unacceptable in my opinion.  They also still use PPPoE.  Oh, and my IP
changes like once every half hour.  I haven't had time to fool around
with it, but I may be able to use static PPPoE or some such to get it
to behave (at least thats what the installer hinted at).  Either way,
I prefer it over comcast.


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