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Re: [PLUG] "geek-net" (was: FYI - FIOS/DCAnet)

On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 02:40:37PM -0400, Doug Crompton wrote:
>   [81 lines, 418 words, 2542 characters]  Top characters: eotianl\n
> This "shared" wireless concept sounds neat. Technically it could
> work but from a reality standpoint I doubt it. You would be
> depending on to many people and there would be to many possibilities
> of failure. I not only want a totally open port to the net but a
> reliable one. I guess it is like the old saying "you get what you
> pay for" and in this case you would pay virtually nothing and
> therefore could not expect or demand anything. Who do you call when
> it fails and who gets called.

Yeah, on the other hand, that's a classic argument against linux and
F/OSS, too.

I don't think it's likely to be worthwhile now at current prices.  On
the other hand, I could imagine it being worthwhile if the Vz's of the
world start pushing other options out of business and our only choice
is very expensive "business" service or else no remote access to our

If enough people run such boxes, at least in cities, I could well
imagine a graph sufficiently interconnected that cuts are unlikely.


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