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Re: [PLUG] Strange position

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Eric Lucas wrote:
> I find myself in a strange position.
> My monitor went "pffftt!" earlier today so I broke down and bought a
> 19" flat panel (TFT-LCD) and it's really beautiful... under WINDOWS!
> When I boot SuSE 9.3 it shows me the brief Grub info (after I select
> what to boot) and then  I get the little floating "Not Optimum Mode -
> 1280x1024  60 HZ Recommended".  Well, too bad for me since I cannot
> get the darn thing to stop switching into whatever mode it is that
> gives me this error.  I've tried booting with "vga=791", "fb=1024x768",
> "splash=0", etc. without success.  I've  commented the entire
> /etc/fb.config file except for 640x480 @ 60 hz without success. 
> I've also ran YAST from SSH and invoked SaX2 - no joy just a long "hang"
> time before I finally hit ctrl-c.
> It appears that even when running in runlevel 3 and looking at Virtual
> Consoles the video is too darn fast.
> Any suggestions as to how I slow this mother down long enough to get
> it properly configured?  Something like: fb=1024x768@60 would be nice
> but that's useless like the others :-(
> Eric
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I would take my original install disk, configure to install from disc
and when the splash screen comes up choose "install". There will be a
subsequent menu for "repair", "upgrade", and new install. I forget which
one, but I think "repair" can get you back to monitor setup, I think
SaX2. You can get to the same spot from root Yast, but when using the
install disc I think prioritys are different. Just a thought.

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