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Re: [PLUG] DSL speed and [NT] and FIOS

On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, Eric Hidle wrote:

> Just as an FYI to customers (I've talked with them about FIOS
> recently), they don't have any definite plans to carry FIOS, and it has
> something to do with Verizon not deciding whether they'd let DCA handle
> all the Layer-3 stuff that they do (static IP, routed blocks, etc..). If
> you're a customer, and you want them to carry FIOS, my
> suggestion would be to at least let them know so they have a bit more
> motivation. The prospect of 30/5 with my routed block just tickles me,
> but it will take some work on the part of the customers to make it
> happen.
> E

I have been 'pinging' about it but like you say it is a Verizon
decision. I am quite content with my 3M DSL. FIOS would be nice
but it really is just one of those 'gotta have the latest' mentalities
rather then practicality. What in the world are you doing that would
require 30M or paying for both DSL and cable.


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