William H. Magill on 4 Nov 2005 02:35:30 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] DSL speed and [NT] DCA.net and FIOS

On 03 Nov, 2005, at 07:52, Art Alexion intoned:
I understand from some friends and neighbors, that for the right price,
and if you get to the right people, Comcast can be accommodating to
business needs. I have a friend who is a systems administrator at one
of the University City schools, but often works from home. Comcast
gave him a fixed IP and some other perks, but the University is paying a
premium and it took some time to iron out.

Comcast does have separate Business offerings for their Cable modem service.
One is called "Teleworker" and the other "Small Business"

They say, call 800-316-1619 for details. There is some info on their website,
but it depends on your zip code. (I'm a Time Warner customer.)

William H. Magill

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