Tom Diehl on 9 Nov 2005 05:51:31 -0000

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[PLUG] Re: comcast smtp forwarding

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005 wrote:

> I recently got my qmail server up and running with a squirell frontend and
> noticed I'm getting the following in my logs:
> 1    0.58  Connected to but sender was rejected./Remote
> host said:
> 550- blocked by
> subscribers are no longer permitted to directly connect to this mail
> server. To send email to other subscribers, you may forward
> messages through

Hummmmm, this is interesting. Are you a Comcast customer or are you trying 
to send mail to a Comcast customer? Your ip address seems to indicate you
are a Comcast customer. I am curious because I get the same error on
a mail server that is on the end of a T1 trying to send to any
address. Interestingly enough does not
resolve from outside of Comcast. Before someone asks, the machine is on a static
ip and it is not on any of the black lists I can find. The weird thing
about this is I can telnet to port 25 of all of Comcast's published mx's
and none of them have the above banner. I suspect that this is an internal
machine not accessible to the public but I cannot prove it.

Anyone have a good technical contact inside of Comcast? The front line people
are clueless about this kind of thing, especially once you tell them you are
not a Comcast customer. :-(


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