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Re: [PLUG] Re: SATA and Raid

There has not been support for the hardware raid promise cards, only some of
the fake raid cards that require s/w to actually "do the raid." I've often
what it is about these fake raid cards that warrants associating them with
that acronym at all.

I was in a yearlong battle with promise, trying to convince them to release
the code for their h/w raid cards, and the final reply I got from them was
something to the effect of "no way, no how, never in a million years, go !

I haven't used 3ware or Rocketraid. I opted for the SIIG sata card and linux
s/w raid, so I couldn't speak about these two, but generally I refuse to
believe that a company like 3Ware or Highpoint could get away with charging
$500 for a piece of crap for very long..

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> OK... Comments on the 3ware  8506-4LP   or the Rocketraid  2224 ???
> It looks like rocket raid has good Linux support and their web page is
> well organized and has all relevant drivers although I am sure 3ware does
> also. The 2224 is interesting as it has an infiniband external connector.
> Not that I probably would ever use it....
> Although these are expensive compared to SW it is something you should be
> able to carry to future systems (SATA-2) and not be obsolete for awhile.
> A not on the Promise... it appears that there is support of the Fasttrak
> cards in the 2.6 kernel although I have not confirmed it. It still is SW
> raid though.
> Doug
> On Fri, 30 Dec 2005, Eric Hidle wrote:
> > Do NOT get a promise card, especially if you want to use it in Linux.
> > Their driver support is HORRIBLE and they do not release the driver
> > source code. I have an SX4000 that I finally just got rid of - and I was
> > stuck on Redhat 9's stock kernel forever since they haven't updated the
> > driver in YEARS.
> >
> > Get a 3-ware or a RocketRaid card, or any other brand with open-source
> > linux support. If you do anything else, you are wasting your money.
> >
> > This is one area where you have to spend the money to do it right. If
> > you do not want to spend the money, get the SIIG 4-way sata controller
> > and use Linux Kernel S/W Raid.
> > E
> >
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