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Re: [PLUG] RPM builder

On Fri, January 13, 2006 2:15 pm, Doug Crompton wrote:
> In reading the January LJ I saw an article on declutering your messy /home
> by using  'checkinstall' or 'kinstaller' to turn  your cluttered source
> folders into single rpm's.
> I have a question for which I think there may be no definitive
> answer...but here goes.... When you build an RPM on a particuliar system
> where can it safetly be installed? Certainly on the same system... but
> what if you upgraded the kernel on that system? or installed it on another
> 'like' system that had been configured in a different way? Are there any
> rules on this? Can you damage a system by installing a 'wrong' rpm or are
> there safety checks for this?
> Doug
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Well if the rpm containts a kernel module and it's built around a specific
version it will either:

a. install it under the wrong kernel, if sources are still around
b. error out because it can't find that version.

In general, from past experience, you don't really _damage_ your system,
but have invalid rpm's and can't install them.


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