Dan Crosta on 14 Jan 2006 00:18:37 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] unable to login at console

Greg Helledy wrote:
I am using SME Server 6.0 as a dialup gateway/firewall/print server.

This morning I went to login (using the machine's monitor and keyboard, as I've changed hardware) and could not--when I type a username (root, admin) and hit enter I just get another "login:" prompt. It simply refuses to acknowledge that I've typed anything, even though I see the characters appearing on the screen.

The odd thing is that when I ssh in, it works normally.

I did move to a different box last night. So the hard drive is now on a new motherboard, but with the same network card, modem, keyboard and monitor. Everything works fine other than not being able to log in.

Anyone ever heard of something like this? The new motherboard is a recycled Pentium Pro--could this indicate some kind of stability issue?

Greg Helledy

I had a problem with the same symptoms, and it was the damndest thing -- someone pointed me at PAM, and it wasn't until an hour or so of looking at PAM that I realized a line break wasn't just vim wrapping lines, but an actual \n in the file. I'd check your pam files relevant to console login (in debian, /etc/pam.d/login) and make sure there are no accidental line breaks.

SSH, on woody at least, uses /etc/pamd.d/ssh, and so is immune to issues in the login file.

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