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Re: rh8.0, winmodems, and list etiquette [was Re: [PLUG] unable to ...]

On Sun, 15 Jan 2006, sean finney wrote:

> hi,
> in the future please do not hijack threads by simply replying to
> some other random message to the list.  at the very least,
> please specify a subject different from the thread you've
> hijacked!  i've done so, and removed the message-id's from
> the header for those of us who use threaded mail readers.

My God, I really did do that.  Sorry. Pure carelessness, admittedly.
> On Sun, Jan 15, 2006 at 03:08:06PM -0500, wrote:
> > Just a quick question.  I'm hoping I'm right in my memory but did
> > Redhat 8.0 accept winmodems?
> afaik, it does not support (any? most?) winmodems.  but why in the world
> are you installing redhat 8 on a machine?  i hope you realize that out
> of the box it will be vulnerable to several dozen publicly available
> remote exploits.  that's like giving someone an unpatched, out of the
> box windows 2k install.
I'm using RH8 because I have it and can simply give him the disks with
the machine.  Actually, the machine was originally built because I had
been given someone else's castoff and wanted to see what it would do.
I was not aware of the remote exploit problem.

> anyway, i'm not aware of what distros support winmodems out of the box,
> you're probably best off compiling the drivers yourself (which probably
> means installing from cdrom media if you don't have a NIC).

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