Michael C. Toren on 18 Jan 2006 15:44:40 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Networking question

On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 06:05:15AM -0500, Eric wrote:
> > I take it this means that the E-Smith Server is acting as a router, with
> > 192.168.1/24 on the external interface and 192.168.0/24 on the internal
> > interface.
> No.
> The external interface on Esmith is 68.80.?.? (Comcast) and the internal 
> interface is the Network.
> The internal network connects to the Linksys Router on it's WAN 
> interface in Gateway mode - the LAN interface on the Linksys is 

Are you just trying to add a wireless access point to the internal side
of your Esmith server?  If so, try disabling DHCP on the Linksys, leaving
your WAN port unplugged, and plugging one of the four LAN ports into the
same layer2 network as your Esmith internal network.  If you're trying to
do something else, I have to agree with Greg Lopp -- if you could provide
a more complete description of what your network looks like, along with
some ASCII art, it would make it much easier to help you.

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