Kyle R. Burton on 18 Jan 2006 18:29:34 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] KDE Question

On 1/18/06, Henry Umansky <> wrote:
> kedit foo.txt &


Thank you for your response.  I was not aware of the specific name of
the binary for the default KDE text editor.

I phrased my question poorly though.  What I am looking for is a way
of hooking into the default registry of applications so that KDE (or
konqureor) will figure out which application to launch based on the
type of the file I am trying to open - just as it does when you click
on the file in konqureor.

osx's 'open' can be given any kind of file, and if it knows how to
handle it, it will launch the appropriate application.  'Preview' for
.pdf and image files.  TextEdit for .txt and .rtf files.  Quicktime
for .mpg files and iTunes for .mp3 files.  Windows has a similar
command: 'start'.  If you feed these commands a file path that points
to a directory, they open the finder and windows explorer

I was (hoping) wondering if there were a similar way of hooking into
the KDE system from a terminal.

Best regards,

Kyle R. Burton
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