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Re: [PLUG] KDE Question

On Wed, Jan 18, 2006 at 01:29:29PM -0500, Kyle R. Burton said:
> Henry,
> Thank you for your response.  I was not aware of the specific name of
> the binary for the default KDE text editor.
> I phrased my question poorly though.  What I am looking for is a way
> of hooking into the default registry of applications so that KDE (or
> konqureor) will figure out which application to launch based on the
> type of the file I am trying to open - just as it does when you click
> on the file in konqureor.
> osx's 'open' can be given any kind of file, and if it knows how to
> handle it, it will launch the appropriate application.  'Preview' for
> .pdf and image files.  TextEdit for .txt and .rtf files.  Quicktime
> for .mpg files and iTunes for .mp3 files.  Windows has a similar
> command: 'start'.  If you feed these commands a file path that points
> to a directory, they open the finder and windows explorer
> respectively.
> I was (hoping) wondering if there were a similar way of hooking into
> the KDE system from a terminal.

You're looking for kfmclient.  Run kfmclient --commands to get an idea
how it works, but basically for the use case you describe it would be (I
kfmclient exec foo.pdf

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