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Re: [PLUG] VPN Options and Suggestions

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On Wed, 25 Jan 2006, Andrew Libby wrote:
> I'm in the process of setting up a VPN, or at least trying to determine the
> best option.  We'd like the server to be an FC4 machine, unless there's a
> compelling reason to use something else.  The clients will be Linux, MAC
> OSX and Win XP (home and professional).  The goal is to support some work
> from home situations.

I don't know what sorts of people you'll have using this... whether they're
experienced computer users or not... but in our organization, we needed a VPN
that worked for non-techies and techies alike.

The idea there is for it to be trivial to setup for non-techies on their 2000
and XP machines.

Both IPSEC and OpenVPN require software installation, which adds a layer of
complexity, and increases the chance of them running into problems.

We ended up going with a PPTP VPN, which has software that comes with 2000
and XP.  No software installation is required on the clients.

It's fairly trivial to setup a PPTP VPN server using Linux and PopTop:

And there is a PPTP client for the various 'NIXs:

I doubt it's as secure as IPSEC, but it falls into the "good enough" realm
for us.

Good luck,

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