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Re: [PLUG] Discusion on Linux4Austin Project

CompUSA /used to/ sell Linux and Star Office.  I haven't seen it
lately.  Also, Wal-mart has the no-OS or Linux PCs.  I don't know how
the sales are doing.  Other countries sell Linux-based PCs.  Again, I
don't know much about them.

This is what I believe in: Windows+OSS -> Windows+OSS+Linux -> OSS+Linux

Sadly, for now, I believe most people would gladly pay the $200 for a
pre-installed, "authentic" copy or the most recent version of Windows.

Bill Hance wrote:
>    Linux will never be used by the masses until it comes pre-installed and
> available through the retail chains that people normally use. When a
> consumer can get a PC with Linux for $299. or the same hardware with
> Windows for $499. there will be converts.
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