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[PLUG] dovecot, kmail & thunderbird

Feeling kinda stupid here.  This is supposedly easy to use stuff.


    To share mailboxes with kmail & Thunderbird.


    To set up a local IMAP server using dovecot which fetches mail from
    3 POP servers, and access the IMAP folders with both kmail and
    Thunderbird (though not simultaneously).


    I can't figure out how to configure dovecot or kmail and
    Thunderbird to do this.  I understand that I should be able to fetch
    mail from the POP servers using the MUAs, and without fetchmail.
    All of my Google searches seem to skip over the
    nitty-gritty details as if they were obvious (which is what is
    making me feel stupid).

    Part of my problem is possibly the terminology.


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