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Re: [PLUG] dovecot, kmail & thunderbird

Art Alexion wrote:
Feeling kinda stupid here.  This is supposedly easy to use stuff.


    To share mailboxes with kmail & Thunderbird.


    To set up a local IMAP server using dovecot which fetches mail from
    3 POP servers, and access the IMAP folders with both kmail and
    Thunderbird (though not simultaneously).


    I can't figure out how to configure dovecot or kmail and
    Thunderbird to do this.  I understand that I should be able to fetch
    mail from the POP servers using the MUAs, and without fetchmail.
    All of my Google searches seem to skip over the
    nitty-gritty details as if they were obvious (which is what is
    making me feel stupid).

    Part of my problem is possibly the terminology.


I had written a Howto on getting IMAP and Postfix working ( this was for
Tinysofa Enterprise server )   There might me some info here to help


It's better to pull all your email into one account with fetchmail,  and not
rely on pulling POP3 down separately in the MUA.   Your filters can then
put the email in the right IMAP folder.  So then all of your PLUG
messages get dropped into the PLUG folder.

If you use filters extensively,  and use several MUA's then you will
run into the problem of mail not being filtered on the 2nd MUA ( unless
you copy the filters there as well )    The best solution here is to do the
filtering on the MTA instead using Sieve.

I now resell IMAP email services with a web interface to do all of this,
including Sieve, AV, SpamAssassin, and MX pre-filtering. Contact me off
list if you want to try a free demo ( requires delivery to your own domain )

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