schwepes on 18 Apr 2006 15:33:14 -0000

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[PLUG] modem busy when user tries to use it

I am using Suse with kde as the gui.  From root, I call up kppp
in bash and connect to the ISP exactly as it should be.  From a
user login, I call up kppp and get the box with the button to
connect just like it should work but when I try to connect the
modem is polled and then is declared to be busy.  The modem
is an external modem on an old style serial port.  That would,
I presume, be tty1 or tty2.  Permissions seem to be in order for
both devices.  Obviously, the user can talk to kppp and I would
presume that kppp would be able to talk to the modem unless
somehow one of the commands kppp tries to execute fails because
it has no symbolic link to the user's directory.
The appropriate tty does not answer the request from kppp because
there is no link in user@linux to the file in root.
I thought that was one of the issues that was supposed to be handled
by the instalation program.

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