Paul L. Snyder on 18 Apr 2006 15:51:43 -0000

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[PLUG] Upcoming PLUG West topics (Next meeting Thurs., May 18)

Our doughty volunteers have spoken, and we have a presentation schedule
for the next few months.  As there seems to be a relatively small overlap
between attendees at the PLUG meetings in the city and PLUG West, some of
the speakers offered to repeat previous talks for the new audience.

Thanks to Unisys (and to Steve Meyers), we will continue to have meeting
space for the next few meetings.  Steve, thanks for making this happen.

The next PLUG West meeting will be on the THIRD THURSDAY of May (the 18th)
at Unisys in Malvern.  We may experiement with several different dates
over the next few months, but will settle on a regular schedule that has
an easily-rememberable algorithm when we find out which one works best for
the most people.

We will plan to have a keysigning at the next PLUG West event, as a number
of people have expressed interest.

THE SCHEDULE (remaining dates to be fixed soon)

  Thursdaym May 18: Lee Martzke - Asterisk PBX (
  June: K. S. Bhaskar - GT.M High-End Database Internals 
  July: ?
  August: Unisys LSG - Xen Virtualization (
  September: Mark Hoffman - Hardware Monitoring with lm_sensors

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