K.S. Bhaskar on 18 Apr 2006 17:31:25 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] PLUG West event ideas

I love the idea of an installfest!

-- Bhaskar

On 4/18/06, Paul L. Snyder <plsnyder@drexel.edu> wrote:
> What do folks think about planning to do lightning talks for the July
> PLUG West meeting?  These are five (or ten) minute presentations by a
> series of different presenters...time is strictly limited, and you are
> gonged out if you go over time.  They're a great way to start speaking
> if you're a little hesitant to volunteer for a full 45-60 minute talk,
> and you can pick any topic.  I'd like to see if we can get somewhere
> between eight and eleven five-minute presentations lined up.  What are
> you working on, simple or complex?  Let us know!
> It has been ages since PLUG has done an installfest.  What do people think
> about an putting one together for sometime in the autumn?  This would be
> in addition to the regular meeting, probably on a weekend day.  We'd need
> to find a suitable, easily accessible venue with good connectivity, perhaps
> a public library or school?
> Actually, an installfest would be good for either the city or Chester
> County.
> Paul
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