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Re: [PLUG] firewire errors (non-fatal)

On Sun, Apr 23, 2006 at 10:35:57AM -0400, Jeff Abrahamson said:
> Is there a trick to rmmod'ing things?  Everything depends on something
> else it seems.
> (The IEEE 1394 drive is off line.)  I got as far as
>     astra:/var/log# rmmod ieee1394 scsi_mod sbp2 ohci1394 usb_storage sd_mod
>     ERROR: Module ieee1394 is in use by sbp2,eth1394
>     ERROR: Module scsi_mod is in use by sbp2
>     ERROR: Module sbp2 is in use
>     ERROR: Module ohci1394 does not exist in /proc/modules
>     ERROR: Module usb_storage does not exist in /proc/modules
>     ERROR: Module sd_mod does not exist in /proc/modules
>     astra:/var/log#
> before deciding that I was going about it all wrong.

modprobe -r is better at figuring this sort of thing out.  It first
removes the module you feed it, and then if the module depends on other
modules, it looks to see if they are in use, and removes them if it can,
recursively.  Probably easier.
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