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[PLUG] [plug-announce] June 19, 2006: "M and the GT.M High-Performance Database" (PLUG West at Unisys in Malvern)

       / (                           ____)
 _a'{ /__(  The Philadelphia Area   (____|_______________________)\
 `/\\/ __( Linux Users Group (PLUG) |                            ) \
   (/  __( cordially invites you to |  a PLUG West meeting on    )__\ }`a_
   <_____(__________________________| Monday, June 19, 2006, at  )__ \//\'
                                    |   Unisys in Malvern, PA    )__  \)


        The next PLUG West meeting will be held on Monday, June 19
        at Unisys in Malvern at 7:00 pm.  The topic of this month's
        meeting will be "M and the GT.M High-Performance Database",
        presented by K. S. Bhaskar.  

        Interested in Linux, BSD, and Free Software?  Whether you're
        already an enthusiast or want to learn more, come and join
        us!  PLUG meetings are open to everyone, and anyone who is
        curious is invited to attend.
        For driving directions, please see the end of this message.


        If you live in the United States, part or all of your health
        record is in stored an M application.  Of approximately the
        same vintage as SQL (both were born circa 1970), M (popularly
        known as MUMPS) is a workhorse language and database widely
        used in healthcare.  The back-end applications of virtually
        all major healthcare ISVs are based on M.

        What is less well known is that M is also used in banking and
        finance, and the largest core processing system in production
        at any bank anywhere in the world is live on GT.M, an M
        implementation from Malvern, PA.  (A bank's most mission-
        critial application is its core processing system.)

    (See http://sun.com/smi/Press/sunflash/2005-11/sunflash.20051116.2.html
    for the press release and http://www.sanchez-gtm.com for GT.M
    details and downloads.)

        K.S. Bhaskar, a geek who became a manager when he stopped being
        able to do useful work, manages the GT.M business for Fidelity
        National Information Services.  He will present a gentle
        introduction to M and GT.M, including:

         * the language and database
         * its unusual and unique features (such as the use of optimistic
           concurrency control to provide Atomic, Consistent, Isolated
           and Durable transactions
         * a daemonless database engine
         * the ability to create applications that can be
         * continuously available not only in the face of unplanned events
           like system crashes but also planned events like application
           software upgrades, including upgrades that involve changes to
           the database schema)
         * some interesting details of its implementation

        Time permitting, we will take a peek at VistA, the M-based
        software behind the paperless, electronic clinical system run
        by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

        The meeting will be at the Unisys offices in Malvern PA:

           Unisys Corporation
           2476 Swedesford Road
           Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355

        There are two buildings at this site; the meeting will be held in
        main building (the bigger of the two).  Please enter through the
        main entrance at the front of the building and check in at the
        security desk.  For driving directions, please visit


        Unisys has requested that we provide the name of as many attendees
        as possible prior to the event, to expedite entering the building.
        An RSVP is not required, but if you plan to attend it would be
        appreciated if you would drop an email to rsvp@phillylinux.org.

        The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm and will last until around
        9:00 pm.  The meeting will begin with an open Question and Answer
        session, with the main presentation beginning at 8:00 pm.

        For more information about PLUG, please visit our website at

        Following the meeting, some attendees head over to the nearby
        Flanigan's Boathouse to continue the discussion over beer.
        Directions to the Boathouse from Unisys can be found at


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