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Re: [PLUG] Uploading files to a remote website with ftp

If you don't have to use the command line, you could try gftp.  I use it daily and I like it.  Not sure if that's your case or not.  Or, you can use midnight commander or mc, which is command line as well, but it supports ftp.

apt-get install mc gftp


On 6/15/06, George Gallen < ggallen@slackinc.com> wrote:
You should be able to just say "mput /path/file*.*"
as long as you entered "prompt" to disable the prompting for each file
should transfer.

I'm not sure if you change the filenames on a multple put


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> Here again I find myself struggling with a linux application
> when I'd gotten used to a nice app (CuteFTP) in another OS.
> I installed ftp with apt-get.
> I logged in to my ISP's ftp port.
> I entered my username and password.
> I got the ftp prompt and changed into the destination directory,
> which I thoughtfully had created ahead of time.
> I then attempted to upload a bunch of files with mput and a
> wild card, e.g., "mput /path/file*.*" Whereupon I was told that
> I hadn't named my destination file.  So I tried again with
> "mput /path/file*.* file*.*" It asked whether I really wanted
> to do that, and I naively said yes.  This made mput insanely happy,
> with the result that a file was uploaded and named, "file*.*" Just
> one file.  Not the name I wanted, and not the whole list.
> Do I really have to name each file specifically and one at a time,
> or is there a way to upload a whole directory's worth of files
> and end up with the same set of files at both destination and source ?
> George
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