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Re: [PLUG] phone to USB adapter

Jason wrote:
On 6/19/06, Andrew Libby <alibby@tangeis.com> wrote:

I don't know of a USB adapter, but when Lee gave his Asterisk talk he had something like this:


It's a small device that will gateway POTS to IAX, which allows you
to have a small footprint device to access an asterisk service through
the network with a regular POTS phone.

Strictly speaking, that device, the IAXy does not gateway POTS to IAX2. It's an IAX2 to FXS converter. That is to say, it's an ATA, or Analog Terminal Adapter. That's a great little device for doing something like connecting an analog cordless phone to an Asterisk setup.

To gateway POTS to a VoIP protocol, like say SIP, you'd need something
like a Sipura SPA-3000 or 3102.  That's an FXO device.  Those 2 I
mentioned also happen to have FXS ports onboard, so you could also use
an analog phone with them.  In fact, many people skip Asterisk
alltogether and use something like the SPA-3000 with a SIP provider

The one usage case for a USB phone I can think of is traveling at a WiFi hotspot which requires a browser login. Your then stuck with a softphone or USB phone.

The DIAX client has support for direct attached USB phones


- fully support for the ATCOM AU-100 USB phone (http://www.atcom.com.cn/engweb/bUSBPhone.html);

- fully support for the Yealink USB phone (http://shop.voismart.it/products.php?cat=12);

- fully support for the Eutectics Inc. USB phones (http://www.eutecticsinc.com/products/products.html);

BTW, I've only used the windows version of DIAX.   The phones are somewhat
hard to find.  I have a "MiniCall" phone which is a rebranded Yealink that

If your using this at your home/office with Asterisk it's best to use an ATA or
FXS for your extensions that are known to work with Asterisk. What would
be the advantage of the VOIPBuster if your using Asterisk ?


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