jazzman on 25 Jun 2006 22:39:31 -0000

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[PLUG] Slow Netatalk

I just upgraded my file server to FC5 (after a failed YUM attempt). I did 
a clean install, part of which was installing NetaTalk, since one user in 
my house has an iMac (OS9).

It all seems to work fine EXCEPT for the fact that attempting to connect 
to an appletalk share on the linux box takes FOREVER. Once it's connected 
it seems to be ok, but connecting is painfully slow. If I do it through 
the MAC chooser, then when it starts trying to connect to the server I 
found that if I immediately hit cancel I get the message "Falling back to 
appletalk", and then I get the authentication dialog and can log in. What 
else would it be trying to connect with? I'm assuming this is a problem 
with netatalk because I did not have this problem with previous versions 
of fedora/netatalk.

Any mac/netatalk familiar folks here that can help me out?


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