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Re: [PLUG] I need to control a Windows machine from Linux...

Good morning,

WSH is probably your friend here. You can write .vbs or even .js files
that (I think) can be used to control IE [1]. I'm pretty sure you can
use telnet [2] to launch the script remotely, even though I've never
done anything like this.


[1]: Just a few quick Google hits I found that may be useful:

[2]: I know w2k server comes with a telnet server and believe XP and
2k3 do also. I'm not sure about other versions. I think there are also
third party telnet servers, if you so desire. Better still -- install
cygwin and use ssh.

On 6/30/06, George Gallen <> wrote:

Sounds worse than it what I need.

Here's what I need to do.

1. Create an HTML/javascript page on our Linux machine,
       then write that page onto on of our windows machine.   (check, done)

2. Tell the windows machine to launch IE with this internal C:\ URL

3. Tell IE to print the HTML document (which would create a file)

4. Read the file created back into linix (check, done)

5. wrap it and sent it to a choice of printers (check, done).

It's steps 2 & 3 that I'm looking for a program to do.

Basically, I have an HTML page that loads up a bunch of images and text
associated with the images. It is formatted so when the print is made, each
printed page contains two of the images vertically. I'm using IE
because I'm utilizing the image manipulation styles (DXImageTransform).
and it's ability to render an HTML page into a printed page. Then I want to
send that printed page(s) to specific printer, which could be in the
or it could remote anywhere on the internet.

What I'm looking for is a way to tell Windows (XP in this case) to launch IE
and URL
(the HTML as an OnLoad command to document.print(); so I don't need to click
But I will need to tell IE "print" when the "print..." box comes up. The
default printer
on this machine will send to a print file and not an actual printer.

Are there any Public domain programs (win) that I can do this with?

George Gallen Senior Programmer/Analyst Accounting/Data Division ph:856.848.1000 Ext 220

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