Jon Nelson on 30 Jun 2006 15:53:41 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] I need to control a Windows machine from Linux...

George Gallen said:
> Sounds worse than it what I need.
> Here's what I need to do.
> 1. Create an HTML/javascript page on our Linux machine,
>        then write that page onto on of our windows machine.   (check,
> done)
> 2. Tell the windows machine to launch IE with this internal C:\ URL
> 3. Tell IE to print the HTML document (which would create a file)
> 4. Read the file created back into linix (check, done)
> 5. wrap it and sent it to a choice of printers (check, done).
> It's steps 2 & 3 that I'm looking for a program to do.
> Basically, I have an HTML page that loads up a bunch of images and text
> associated with the images. It is formatted so when the print is made,
> each
> printed page contains two of the images vertically. I'm using IE
> specifically
> because I'm utilizing the image manipulation styles (DXImageTransform).
> and it's ability to render an HTML page into a printed page. Then I want
> to
> send that printed page(s) to specific printer, which could be in the
> building
> or it could remote anywhere on the internet.
> What I'm looking for is a way to tell Windows (XP in this case) to launch
> IE and URL
> (the HTML as an OnLoad command to document.print(); so I don't need to
> click print)
> But I will need to tell IE "print" when the "print..." box comes up. The
> default printer
> on this machine will send to a print file and not an actual printer.
> Are there any Public domain programs (win) that I can do this with?

Can you print out the file with Word so it has the same look?  If so you
might be able to write a macro to print it and launch the macro from the
command line:

Ugly yes, but it might work.


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