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Re: [PLUG] 64 bits

On Tue, 2006-08-15 at 10:55 +0000, Jabberwocky wrote:
> I'm on the road alot, and need to run some pretty chunky vmware networks - typically 2-3 W2K3 servers, Exchange and SQL Servers, non-Microsoft server apps, Active Directory and an XP client.  Use Linux at home, and am considering setting up a Linux laptop to take advantage of what seems to be superior 64 bit support.
> So, what's your experience with, opinion of, 64 bit Linux distros, and 64 bit laptops with support for 4 GB RAM and fast hard drives, and using vmware on 64 bit hardware/OS?
> Thanks
> Carl

i run FC 5 X86_64 and dont really notice any difference, i cant run
32bit, FC doesnt have a needed patch in the 32bit kernel yet (or
actually didnt have it the last time i looked, which was 6-8 months ago)


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