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Re: [PLUG] Wiring a house (was Re: Ethernet Cable Specs)

Assuming you have:

A Cable Fish
Drywall Saw
Small level (12" or less)
Self-Supporting Plastic Boxes
Faceplates and Jacks
Crimper and Ends

You don't need to deal with STP. AC lines in your house aren't going to do anything to Ethernet in all likelihood. I bought most everything at Lowes, although they don't sell Keystone jacks - it's their proprietary stuff - but they have F connectors and RJ-45's (and RJ-others).. I basically went with a 2-jack plate with 1 F connector for cable and 1 RJ-45 for computer, and I put 2 or 3 of those in every room, with two quad RJ-45's in my office. You might want to pu a 1F 3RJ by your entertainment center in case you have more than one device that wants to be on a network. If you run cable for TV, use RG-6 as RG-59 isn't really good enough for modern digital cable.

Pay attention to TIA wiring codes. Usually the jacks have the color coding right on them, but if not, see TIA/EIA-568-B on wikipedia. There's a handy chart there.

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