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Re: [PLUG] Wiring a house (was Re: Ethernet Cable Specs)

Hi Eric:

* Eric Hidle <> [2006-09-09 15:35:20 -0400]:
> Assuming you have:
> A Cable Fish
> Drywall Saw
> Small level (12" or less)
> Self-Supporting Plastic Boxes
> Faceplates and Jacks
> Crimper and Ends
> Staplegun

I worked for my father (an electrician) back in high school... so I have all
the basic equipment.  I also have two nylon strings fished through two sets of
3/4" holes from basement to attic, which I did while a wall was opened up
during kitchen remodeling (in preparation for this).

It's the networking equipment itself about which I'm less sure.

> You don't need to deal with STP. AC lines in your house aren't going to 
> do anything to Ethernet in all likelihood. I bought most everything at 

OK, that's good to know.

> Lowes, although they don't sell Keystone jacks - it's their proprietary 
> stuff - but they have F connectors and RJ-45's (and RJ-others).. I 
> basically went with a 2-jack plate with 1 F connector for cable and 1 
> RJ-45 for computer, and I put 2 or 3 of those in every room, with two 
> quad RJ-45's in my office. You might want to pu a 1F 3RJ by your 
> entertainment center in case you have more than one device that wants to 
> be on a network. If you run cable for TV, use RG-6 as RG-59 isn't really 
> good enough for modern digital cable.

I'll probably get most of it at Home Depot, as Leroy suggested... it's
only about 2 miles from my house after all.  Also, I was only planning
on one box per room, at least to start: 1 voice, 1 data, 1 CATV per box.
I might even skip the CATV... we only own 1 TV anyway.

> Pay attention to TIA wiring codes. Usually the jacks have the color 
> coding right on them, but if not, see TIA/EIA-568-B on wikipedia. 
> There's a handy chart there.

Does it take some practice to get those things punched down right -
I mean, is there a lot of dexterity involved?  Seems like there might


Mark M. Hoffman

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