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Re: [PLUG] Tracking a Dynamic IP address...

On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 05:22:44PM -0400, George Gallen said:
> We will have one server at one location that has a dynamic IP DSL line.
>   This server will be behind a router (so it will see itself as 192.168...)
>   This server will have 2 printers it prints to.
> I need to use the server as an lpd server for those 2 printers for our other
>    system which is on a static IP address.
> My thought was to have a cron job on the remote (DSL) server that contacts
>    our static server every minute to get the IP address.
> Is there public domain software that will will accept the DSL contact and 
>    update the static servers internal DNS for that address? I don't want to
>    have to update /etc/hosts everytime it changes (via a program). I'm assuming
>    I'd also have to 'lpc down prxx' 'lpc up prxx' so lpr now knows the correct IP
>    as well, or can I skip this step?
> Currently, our static server uses another DNS server for resolution, but I'd like
>   to keep this function on our server.

use dyndns to keep track of the hostname to IP mapping, and just print
to the hostname?  That's the sort of solution I would look towards.
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