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[PLUG] Tracking a Dynamic IP address...

Title: Tracking a Dynamic IP address...

We will have one server at one location that has a dynamic IP DSL line.
  This server will be behind a router (so it will see itself as 192.168...)
  This server will have 2 printers it prints to.

I need to use the server as an lpd server for those 2 printers for our other
   system which is on a static IP address.

My thought was to have a cron job on the remote (DSL) server that contacts
   our static server every minute to get the IP address.

Is there public domain software that will will accept the DSL contact and
   update the static servers internal DNS for that address? I don't want to
   have to update /etc/hosts everytime it changes (via a program). I'm assuming
   I'd also have to 'lpc down prxx' 'lpc up prxx' so lpr now knows the correct IP
   as well, or can I skip this step?

Currently, our static server uses another DNS server for resolution, but I'd like
  to keep this function on our server.


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