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Re: Re: [PLUG] ...nix backup for windows

Thanks Leo
I will check out your presentation.

The files not being restored are those in winnt\system32,
which are system files, now under "windows file protection" for version control.
How is a "locked" file manifest on the NIX side?
something beyond the ugo permissions?


From: Lee Marzke <>
Date: 2006/09/20 Wed AM 11:09:16 CDT
To: Philadelphia Linux User's Group Discussion List <>
Subject: Re: [PLUG] ...nix backup for windows wrote:
> major pharmaceutical.
> we use veritas netbackup
> a client is on a w2k server, where jobs appear to be queued.
> the actual job appears to be run on a ...nix server
> (HP_UX), as the logs always refer to  tar.
> i had  a backup of windows "system state" files.
> (boot files, registry hives, sysvol, etc)
> under what circumstances could tar fail to restore a file?
> i noticed that most failures were from winnt\system32
> which may have "windows file protection".
> of course, I attempted to restore to a temp directory
> any thoughts?

I'm not sure how Veritas backup works but in general many Windows files are
locked while running and can only be backed up with cooperation from
Windows.  Some commercial products sell separate "system recovery"
imaging packages to get around this.

If Veritas backup depends on accessing Windows over SMB or other
mounted volume methods - I don't believe you'll have a reliable
method of backing up these files.

For example, using the open-source "Bacula" Enterprise backup the
Windows client being backed up actually makes a static "snapshot"
volume of the entire disk and then backs up all the files, including the 
ones. The static snapshot system is called "VSS" in Microsoft 
terminology, and
currently works on Win2003 server and WinXP clients.

FYI - My recent PLUG talk on Bacula is available at:    ( Firefox browser required  )

Lee Marzke

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