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Re: [PLUG] How do you run Linux apps across a LAN from Windows?

There's a free X server for windows called Xming that does NOT require the use 
of cygwin.  It can either show the apps as individual windows (as if they 
were running locally) or in one big desktop window (a la VNC), just like any 
other X server.  It shouldn't require any additional software on the server 
side, but you might need to tweak your config to allow other machines to 
connect, depending on your distribution.

The only problems with that (or with VNC) are speed and security.  X11 is 
fairly network-intensive, as is VNC, and perform relatively poorly over 
internet connections.  Also, both of these schemes aren't encrypted, so 
people would be able to listen to or interfere with your connection (don't 
enter any passwords!).  There is a relative newcomer to this field that aims 
to solve both of these problems called NX, originally developed and sold 
commercially by the company NoMachine.  It uses clever compression to 
eliminate lots of unnecessary info that X usually passes over the network and 
operates over SSH (built-in, no need to run a shell) so it's very secure.  To 
use it you would need to install an NX server on your Ubuntu machine and an 
NX client on your windows machine.  It's claimed that it operates very well 
over a broadband connection and fairly well over a modem.

For more info, check out:

NoMachine's website
You'll probably want to use their freeware client on windows.  it can also 
connect to VNC and RDP servers.

FreeNX, GPL NX client/server
This is a somewhat younger effort based on GPL sources released by NoMachine, 
you'll probably want to run this on your Ubuntu machine.

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