Jeff Watson on 5 Feb 2007 17:42:48 -0000

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[PLUG] Best solution for Audio files

Hello List! I have many many (dont we all) .m4a encoded sound files. They play fine in amarok, and I can put them on my iPod no problem. The issue is that i cannot burn a CD in graveman with m4a files. It will let me burn mp3's. What would you say is the best format to keep my audio in that will let me burn to disc, use with my ipod, and retain sound quality? I don't think ogg will play on an iPod. :-| And also, is it really wise to put my entire music collection through some horrible conversion process? (m4a->mp3...) wouldn't there be significant data loss, etc?

I need an audio format that is "standard", works on ipod, and wont be horrible.
Don't know if mp3 is a format i should stick with (legality/format issues perhaps pending in the future)


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