Doug Crompton on 19 Feb 2007 08:12:07 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] BitTorrant and routers

Thanks, took your advice. I ordered a g54s from - $45, free
shipping. Had it is 2 days. Set it up offline and slipped it in place of
my Linksys and it worked fine. 5 days of testing with Torrent and no
problems. I ordered another one! However I am using it only as a DSL
router and not using the wireless features at all.

So far...

Pros - runs cool (much cooler then Linksys), has lots of capability over
the Linksys, including a nice port mapping setup, intrusion dectection
with email, built-in logging and diagnostics. It seems to run faster
(web pages visibly come up faster). The power connection is via cable to
transformer which then has a wire primary connection to the plug (No
transformer tying up outlets). It is small (about 1/3 the volume of the

Cons - traffic light are at the rear, where the connections are. You can
not see any lan or wan data activity from the front. Updates to pages
(settings) take awhile (sometimes as long as 30 seconds) to take place.

As you can see the cons are minor and certainly easy to take with this
router working as well as it does.


On Fri, 9 Feb 2007, Will Dyson wrote:

> If you don't need pre-802.11-N capability, the Buffalo WHR-G54S simply
> cannot be beat at around $40 retail.
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> Will Dyson

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