James Fiore on 2 Mar 2007 13:22:05 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Mozilla composer won't save image URL's

On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, george@georgesbasement.com wrote:

This should probably qualify as a rant, as I have just fixed the image
URL's on a webpage several times, only to have Composer jettison them
each time upon saving to my hard drive.  Where is the default setting
that will invariably uncheck the "URL is relative to page location"
box ?  I want the full image URL in the Image Properties field every
single time, without fail.  Even when I put the full path (on the image
server, of course) with the image SRC, Composer wants to truncate that
path to just the file name.

I don't know the answer to your question specifically but I do wonder if
you have ever tried Nvu? (free/open source -- GPL I think)


I don't know much about the history of this project other than it is
a very good WYSIWYG editor based on the old Mozilla Composer code and
that it definitely saves the src attribute of the img tag just fine --
relative or absolute -- without any problems.

It Works well on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS and also has built in
publishing features so you can upload the changes to multiple sites
through FTP (and also MS Frontpage Extensions I think).

There is a nice little css editor built into it also.

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