george on 1 Mar 2007 22:27:18 -0000

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[PLUG] Mozilla composer won't save image URL's

This should probably qualify as a rant, as I have just fixed the image
URL's on a webpage several times, only to have Composer jettison them
each time upon saving to my hard drive.

Where is the default setting that will invariably uncheck the "URL is
relative to page location" box ?  I want the full image URL in the
Image Properties field every single time, without fail.  Even when I
put the full path (on the image server, of course) with the image
SRC, Composer wants to truncate that path to just the file name. That
will never do in my case, because I have found that it is essential
that I upload the images before starting to create the webpage. I then
open each image in Mozilla Firefox, capture its full URL, and then
paste that into the Image URL box in Composer when I'm inserting the
image in my webpage.  Even when I do that, Composer takes it upon
itself to automatically check that "URL is relative to page location"
box and throw away all my hard work when I "save" the webpage.

The only way I have been able to break this "Lucy and the football"
cycle is to view the webpage as HTML (i.e., in text mode) and then
save it once & for all from there without ever going back to "normal"
Composer edit mode.

I'm using the debian flavor of linux on a PC with plenty of RAM and
hard drive space, although I hardly think that matters to this discussion.

George Langford
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