Toby DiPasquale on 21 Apr 2007 22:12:30 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] OT: NTFS cleaning

On Sat, Apr 21, 2007 at 11:42:33PM +0200, Bob Heise wrote:
> Den Saturday 21 April 2007 22.38.53 skrev K.S. Bhaskar:
> > On 4/21/07, Morgan Jones <> wrote:
> > > Why don't you just perform a clean install of the operating system?
> > > Correct me if I'm wrong but as long as you do a full format during the
> > > install you should be fine.  This is what I did when I returned my last
> >
> > [KSB] Please stand corrected!
> >
> > Reformatting the hard drive only makes it harder to recover the data.  Even
> > writing zeroes or ones on it can allow a skilled data recovery organization
> > to recover data.  Short of using sophisticated tools like a sledgehammer to
> > crack the drive open followed by sandpapering the platters, the next best
> > option is to write a series of random data patterns over it.
> >
> Since cost wasn't mentioned. You could perhaps:
> -delete the files you don't want there anymore
> -buy an identical drive
> -dd the old drive to the new drive
> -replace the old with the new
> -return the laptop to work
> -hope they don't check serial numbers :-P

That's likely a violation of her contract since she'd then retain
posession of corporate materials and I.P. Go with one of the nuking
strategies first.

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