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Re: [PLUG] Kubuntu Feisty + Beryl + GLX + VMWare

VMWare won't pick up your nVIDIA card.  I believe it uses it's own "VMWare SVGA" card.  You won't be able to do heavy 3D stuff in a virtual machine.  That's not what it's designed for.  It is a virtual machine using virtual hardware.  It's primary design focus is for servers and cross platform dev.  Neither are heavy users of graphics technology and rarely, if ever, need 3D rendering.

For sound, you may have to link whatever your sound card device is to /dev/dsp or something like that.  If you can get sound in Linux, you can get sound in VMWare.  I use it all the time.


Shameel Arafin wrote:
Hi Stewart.

I used the free version of VMWare Server 1.0.2, after registering on VMWare's site. But I had to patch it with  vmware-any-any-update109.

I'm having two issues with VMWare -- there's no sound ( e.g. music won't play in XP in VMWare, because it says no sound card is detected). And also, XP is not picking up my nVIDIA card, it's using a VMware SVGA II.

There's probably a way to configure these things, I haven't got around to it yet. Any suggestions?


On 4/25/07, Stewart B Lone <> wrote:
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Shameel Arafin wrote:
> Kubuntu Feisty + Beryl + GLX + VMWare
> For those of you interested in this sort of thing, I've posted some pics
> of eye-candy on my blog (3D rotating desktops and whatnot):
> S/
Just curious, Shameel, did you whomp up your own virtual machine for
WinXP, or is it downloadable as a package from VMware, or some other
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