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Re: [PLUG] The PLUG Website

On Fri, Apr 27, 2007 at 08:51:53PM -0400, Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
> Although the idea is to not change the site too fundamentally, might it be 
> possible to wikify some areas?  The wiki approach would make certain 
> sections, like the upcoming meetings, much easier to work with.

Wiki is Web 2.0 :)

Michael, Paul and I have been able to handle keeping these sections up
to date, so I don't think there is really a problem here.

Wikis require additional software to be installed (the server is just
serving HTML) and a lot of additional administrative time and security
checking. This is not something we're willing to devote time to right

> It might be a good idea to have a sort of "guestbook" page.  For instance, 
> someone wishing to come to a meeting could add their name and/or email to a 
> list of attendees.  What would be even better would be a way to integrate 
> this into the keysigning process, so people could attach a key and use a 
> list-based keysigning process instead of the current one.

Again, this is the sort of dynamic content we're trying to stay away
from. The PLUG website is fundamentally very basic and we want to keep
it that way. There are other community groups (like Erin's
PhillyGroups.org and Randy's OSS Bee) that can seek to do the dynamic
content thing. I think it's best leave that stuff for them.

We want basics: Meeting info, mailing list, moderated posting of member
information, pictures.

> Also, what is the status of that inter-group portal-ish thing that was 
> introduced in the last Central meeting?  That seems like a very promising 
> idea.

I think those are great, I love PhillyGroups.org and am really looking
forward to see how OSS Bee develops.

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