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[PLUG] Re: hard drive recovery services?

JP Vossen wrote:
Short version: does anyone have any thoughts/recommendations on "send it out to the clean-room" hard drive recovery services (e.g. On-track)?

Thanks to everyone who replied. It turns out this is a known problem with Maxtor drives:
"If you see this drive as N40P, you definitely don't have electronics problem. So PCB swap likely won't help. Drive is locked in the "Safe mode" , by one reason or another. It's likely have firmware problem but could be a problem with heads/preamplifier , which will require internal work. Slight possibility exist that r/w channel chip is died and but all other components on PCB are working, in that case PCB swap will help... but that is very low chance, since majority of PCB work to allow it to be detected as N40P."


I poked around quite a bit more (Hiren's Boot CD, GetDataBack and others) and got nowhere. It looks like the choices are a data recovery outfit or a $400 bit of software from China I don't particularly trust.

For future reference or if anyone else is interested, see the thread archive here for full details of things I tried and recovery outfits I found:

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