Brian Vagnoni on 2 Jan 2008 21:15:35 -0800

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[PLUG] Perl Talk Video

So what format would people like to see the PLUG Central presentation video in? The default is .wmv; I already hear people cringing.  I have to convert it so it will take a little time. Should have it up on my ftp site by late Thursday night.

Keep in mind it was a rush setup. So it's far from perfect. But next time I'll be better prepared and have more experience with the camera eg. turn auto focus off, as well as auto white balance . Also, if people would like this to be a regular thing I'll want to setup a torrent. Keep in mind a hour of hi-def video is going to be big. The quality so far is good, you can actually see the lettering on the screen clearly.

If people want to keep archives of presentations I have the space but not necessarily the bandwidth so we will have to talk about that.

Anyway look for the link soon.

Brian Vagnoni

Oh almost forgot. Sorry this has to be done in windows but if someone can make a suggestion of a good Linux based video editor I would gladly take on the challenge.

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