Rich G on 3 Jan 2008 03:21:12 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Perl Talk Video

To edit the video - Kino is good for basic editing.  I use MainActor to
a little more advanced work (costs but is worth it). Jashaka is "new"
but I don't know anymore about it (I believe it is Java based and maybe
cross platform).


On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 00:15 -0500, Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> So what format would people like to see the PLUG Central presentation
> video in? The default is .wmv; I already hear people cringing.  I have
> to convert it so it will take a little time. Should have it up on my
> ftp site by late Thursday night.
> Keep in mind it was a rush setup. So it's far from perfect. But next
> time I'll be better prepared and have more experience with the camera
> eg. turn auto focus off, as well as auto white balance . Also, if
> people would like this to be a regular thing I'll want to setup a
> torrent. Keep in mind a hour of hi-def video is going to be big. The
> quality so far is good, you can actually see the lettering on the
> screen clearly.
> If people want to keep archives of presentations I have the space but
> not necessarily the bandwidth so we will have to talk about that.
> Anyway look for the link soon.
> Brian Vagnoni
> Oh almost forgot. Sorry this has to be done in windows but if someone
> can make a suggestion of a good Linux based video editor I would
> gladly take on the challenge. 
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