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Re: [PLUG] Linux Certification

RedHat still gets the most respect ATM, but there are a couple Ubuntu certs out there (they're pretty new) and i can see them taking over the reputation of RH in a couple years.

On Jan 9, 2008 12:15 AM, Brian Vagnoni <> wrote:
Hi need some friendly peer advice.

Which is the best route for Certification:




Which of these can be self studied? How much does it cost to take the test/s?

What do people recommend. I would like to do Security related stuff. But I feel Sysadmin is a good start, and or Cisco which I know can be self studied. SANS is a lot of money not sure I initially want to go that route. Masters in InfoSys would be nice also a lot of money and time.

Help appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Brian Vagnoni

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