Matt Mossholder on 9 Jan 2008 05:35:44 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Linux Certification

Having just taken both LPI 100 and RHCE, the RHCE is easier, if you have
experience, because you can pass as long as you have an idea of how to
do something... you don't need to know specifics on everything, since
you have access to man pages, doc files, etc. 

Here's an example... I got an almost perfect score on the RHCE, but on
LPI, I did much worse, because I always forget things like "what is the
3rd field of the crontab file". In the RHCE they are focused on results.
For LPI, they focus on specific items of knowledge.

I believe RHCE has the edge for exactly this reason. It is closer to
reality, and demonstrates that you can do more than take a test.


On Wed, 2008-01-09 at 07:01 -0500, Brent Saner wrote:
> RedHat still gets the most respect ATM, but there are a couple Ubuntu
> certs out there (they're pretty new) and i can see them taking over
> the reputation of RH in a couple years.
> On Jan 9, 2008 12:15 AM, Brian Vagnoni <> wrote:
>         Hi need some friendly peer advice.
>         Which is the best route for Certification:
>         Novell
>         Redhat
>         Linux+
>         Which of these can be self studied? How much does it cost to
>         take the test/s?
>         What do people recommend. I would like to do Security related
>         stuff. But I feel Sysadmin is a good start, and or Cisco which
>         I know can be self studied. SANS is a lot of money not sure I
>         initially want to go that route. Masters in InfoSys would be
>         nice also a lot of money and time. 
>         Help appreciated.
>         Thanks in advance
>         Brian Vagnoni
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