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Re: [PLUG] relevancy of config files (WAS Sharing an Internet Connection)

On 1/8/08, Brent Saner <brent.saner@gmail.com> wrote:
> config files as opposed to what?

Hey, how about a system-wide binary database for storing all
configuration data.  Programs can register themselves automatically
with the database, and start dumping all manner of stuff in there.
Let's call it a "registry".  Oh wait... :-)

File me firmly in the "config file" column.  My server backups consist of:

1. Various config files
2. Volatile data (web sites, db dumps)

I can do a base load of my server os, drop my config files back on,
bounce a bunch of services (or just reboot), and blammo, I'm restored.
 Copy back some websites, restore some dbs from the latest dumps, and
I'm done.  I just recently did this to my production server to
facilitate a move from RAID-1 to RAID-5.  Too easy.

> the problem is while these are totally do-able for a server or desktop and
> definitely a direction the GNU/Linux community is headed, it simply cannot
> be done in the case of OpenWRT. you need to remember you're flashing this to
> an off-the-shelf ROUTER. we're talking specs lower than a 386, on average.
> X-WRT is a very simple web gui and yet it alone sucks up a huuuuge chunk of
> space on the image compared to the actual system itself.

As much as I think webif^2 is neato, for most operations on openwrt
kamikaze, uci and config files gets the job done almost as fast.
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